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Russian Customer Visits the LANCI Factory

CanadianOn May 28, 2023, Юлия,a client from Russia visited LANCI's factory and was received by LANCI General Manager Peng Jie and Trade Department Manager Merlin. The Russian customer's visit to the factory has two purposes. The first purpose is to inspect the goods and inspect the quality of the shoes; The second purpose is to select shoes for the next order. He stated that this visit is also for on-site investigation. The strength of our factory cannot be seen solely from the internet, and we still need to conduct on-site research to assess the factory's strength.

Peng Jie took everyone on a tour of the production process of men's shoes and gave a detailed introduction to each step of men's shoe production. Юлия Highly appreciate the equipment and professional workers in the factory. And provided professional modification suggestions for the selected style.

After visiting the completed factory, Peng Jie led Russian clients to visit the factory's design room, sample room, exhibition hall, and other places. Finally, Merlin introduced the latest shoes from the factory. Юлия highly recognize this batch of new styles and have selected 50 styles as the men's shoe styles for our next order, including men's sports shoes, men's casual shoes, and men's formal shoes.

At the end of the itinerary, Lance fulfilled his friendship as a landlord and took Julia to taste the local cuisine. Юлия also expressed that after visiting the completed factory, he had more trust in LANCI's strength, expressed high praise for the factory's assembly line and professional workers, and looked forward to more cooperation in the future.

We also welcome buyers from all over the country to visit and inspect our factory, and we will do our best to entertain you. We also welcome your valuable suggestions on the shoes and production process of our factory. We will actively adopt it.

Post time: Aug-06-2023

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