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Customization Advantages

Customization Advantages

Choose Langchi

Guangzhou, the world center of the footwear industry, where some of our designers are stationed, quickly collects the latest information on the global footwear industry. This enables us to stay at the forefront of the global footwear industry, closely monitoring the latest trends and innovations, thereby providing customers with the latest information.


There are 6 experienced shoe designers in the Chongqing production base, whose professional knowledge in this field enables us to provide customers with first-class customized services. Every year, they tirelessly develop over 5000 new men's shoe designs to ensure that there are multiple choices to meet different tastes and preferences.

Professional knowledge assisted customization. Our skilled designers will consider the market dynamics of our clients' respective countries. With this understanding, they can provide valuable design suggestions that meet the customer's market needs and preferences.


The company is located in the center of the shoe capital in western China, with complete supporting facilities for the surrounding shoe industry and a complete shoe industry ecosystem. This enables us to provide customers with deep customization options in various aspects. From shoe lasts, soles, shoe boxes to high-quality cowhide materials, we are able to meet the unique requirements and wishes of our customers.

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